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With the Writers' Strike upon us, there isn't a whole lot of new material to view. To pass the time, why not visit your favourite show sites? provides excellent coverage of your favourite shows - Prison Break, House, The Office and Canadian hits like 'Da Kink in my Hair. Tons of bonus material (videos, fun facts, bios and show info) as well as listings of all the NEW episodes that Global is airing. Definitely a great place to relieve boredom.

By: nikki9doors

North York, ON



Thanx for the tip! We've been getting pretty bored with the television content lately so will definitely check things out! :)


If you're a Prison Break fan, there is a new episode on tonight :)

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Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree...

'Tis the season to throw a festive party for your friends and family, yet most people are too busy to deck their halls!

I love throwing parties, but around this time of the year I find I have no time to do my Christmas shopping let alone plan a perfect party. My fiancé and I throw a Christmas party every year, but this year it just seemed like an impossible feat.

When we were considering whether on not to go ahead with it, we thought about all the reasons that were holding us back:

- no time to plan the details
- the amount of cleaning we’d have to do to get our place in order
- the shear amount of work involved in decorating our place
- all the effort to serve some delectable treats for our guests
- the huge cost
- the fact that 30 of our best friends don’t fit easily into our condo suite
- AND all the noise complaints and hassle we got...

By: nikki9doors

Gabby's Restaurant

Toronto, ON



I had no idea they had a party room - thanks for the tip.


Thanks for the heads up and some entertaining pics! So did you end up spending more than $400? By the looks of it everyone must have...LOL

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